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The Secured Credit Card Program Your Clients Will Love



Card has 6 reporting dates a month to all 3 bureaus. Annual fee reports as on-time payment and builds credit fast.



Amazing customer service for both your clients and your referral partners.



Easy online enrollment your clients will actually complete. Transparent underwriting and approval process.

A Partner's Perspective

I could not be happier with the service and experience our company and our clients have had with Credit Builder Card. I highly recommend them for anyone needing to rebuild their credit.

Jeff Sipes Owner.

Blue Water Credit

Earn Commision

Earn commission every time one of your clients gets a credit card through our program! Provide more value to referral partners and make more money at the same time.

Over $1 Million
in Commission Paid

Clients receive their MasterCard secured credit card in just a matter of weeks.

The card will be building their score before they even get it in the mail!

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​Yes! Earn commission every time a client you refer to our program gets a card.

That's right. We want our service to be accessible to everyone and that means no credit score requirement. Clients us their own money to fund the safety deposit to open card(s) and as a result there are no strict credit requirements. 

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What Builders are saying

DeAndray B.

St Louis, MO

Since using Credit Builder, my score has gone from 570 to 620! I plan to buy a new car, and I also want to get a home in a year or two. Cash only gets you so far because you're limited with what you can do. It feels great now to be building my credit.

Jalysa E.

Lincoln, AL

I signed up with Credit Builder, and in just three months, my credit score went up 75 points. Now I'm in a position to get approved for a mortgage and reach my goal of a homeowner.

Allison P.

Orlando, FL

Very nervous because all other secured cards that I have inquired about go by credit score... it's nice to see a card helping people instead of bashing them for a predicament.